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Nová 194
049 55 Dlhá Ves

Vacation rental Flanderová

Accept our invitation into our facility

We offer family-atmosphere themed accommodation

in 5 rooms with total capacity of 14.


Garden with a pond

... by a Mediterranean-style


Welcome to our new site!

Are you looking for a pleasant place for relaxation?

Accept our invitation into our facility that offers accommodation.

We offers accommodation for tourists, families with children, or visitors preferring rural environment for a peace of mind. This comfortable short/long term accommodation is also suitable for companies, work teams, travelling representatives.

In this quiet locality, with the furnishing and included services your satisfaction is guaranteed. Immerse yourselves into the mesmerising nature and underground realms of the Slovak karst.

We are looking forward to your stay.

Flander family

Vacation rental Flanderová is situated in the village of Dlhá Ves that can be found at the South-West border of the Silica plateau in the southern part of the Slovak karst national park.

Customer satisfaction remains our top priority and we will gladly face the challenge of providing you with maximum comfort.

We are proud keepers of the Trustworthy company certificate of ethics in entrepreneurship for the year 2015 for not having any negative response from our clients and for the responsible approach to our commitments

Contact us

Valéria Flanderová
Nová 194
049 55 Dlhá Ves

tel.: +421 905 913 158

48º 29' 36'' N, 20º 26' 19'' E

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