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The village of Dlhá Ves has several points of interest such as the evangelical church from 1792, peasant house displaying folk architecture and the locals` way of life in the previous century.

No need to travel to see the pyramids to distant lands, experience the atmosphere of the Khufu pyramid, the mysterious sound of the wind, a place of relaxation and meditation.

Privát Flanderová

The surrounding of the village Dlhá Ves is a preserved natural area. This area is attractive for hikers of any level of experience all year round suitable for agro tourism. It provides several hiking destinations.

The gem of the area is the Domica cave 3 km from the boarding house. It is situated in the Domické grikes national park of the Slovak karst. Its dripstone decoration is astonishing. It’s typical on cascade lakes, onion shaped stalactites, and pagidic stalagmites. It is also an important discovery site of a local Neolithic culture (4000 B.C.). 16 species of bats have been observed here. The cave is registered in UNESCO World Heritage list. Domica together with its Hungarian extension Baradla form a unique cave complex about 25 km long. The underground boat ride on the river Styx is a great value and an unforgettable experience.

There is a tourist route starting in Domica that leads across the entire Silica plateau to Zádiel strait.

The most interesting sights are:

Silicka ice cavern

distance - 20 km which is the deepest of its kind. Archaeological findings date back to neolith and bronze age. The cave is registered in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Official website
Silická ľadnica

Gombasek cave

distance - 13 km. It is unique for its long and thin stalactites that reach up to 3 metres. This is the first cave in Slovakia to be used for speleoterapy.

Official website
Gombasecká jaskyňa

Krásnohorská cave

distance - 30 km. The cave is registered in UNESCO World Heritage list. It is open to public only with the assistance of speleologist guides. Experience the adventure of finding the unique tallest Guinness record holder stalactite.

Official website
Krásnohorská jaskyňa

Ochtiná aragonite cave

distance - 28 km. The subterranean kingdom decorated with stars of aragonite. The unparalleled crystals and druses form the hidden treasures of the cave.

Official website
Ochtinská aragonitová jaskyňa

In Hungary you can find:

  • National park Aggtelek

    Hungary– 4 km
  • Baradla cave

    Hungary– 4 km
  • Vöröstó (Crimson lake)

    Hungary – 7 km
  • Jósvafő cave

    Hungary – 10 km

It is worth to pay a visit of cultural heritage sights of the north Gemer:

Castle Krásna Hôrka

mausoleum and picture gallery of the Andrassy family, Roman Catholic church in Krásnohorské Podhradie - it is about 30km,

Official website
Hrad Krásna Hôrka

Chateau Betliar

with a breathtaking park with collection of different types of flora. The chateau and park have been awarded by the Prize Europe Nostra - it is about 30km

Official website
Kaštieľ Betliar

The historical square in Rožňava

it is about 23km. The visitor can admire unique churches, museums and traditional folk culture and traditions of the region.

Official website
Historické jadro Rožňavy
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